They Didn’t Hear The Sounds (The Gun That Slayed Mike Brown)

This death amongst us is a constant…
It is violent…
This disease malignant ; Cancerous
This same death takes a sworn oath to protect us
Yet operates within a system not designed for us, or by us
They see no value in the countenance of my cast
To murder us ; Highly motivated they are
The blissed ignorant play blind, act as if they do not see
T’is too much to acknowledge a shamed ancestry ; Seemingly unaware of their privileged liberty…

They didn’t hear the deafening sounds from the gun that slayed Mike Brown
They didn’t hear the bullets ring out
They didn’t hear him drowned in the system
They didn’t hear the screams and cries of a mother
They cared not for the life of 12 year old Tamir Rice
They do not give a fuck about our rights
They cared not for the life of Mark Duggan
L’est we forget our Stephen Lawrence…
Sean Bell
Trayvon Martin
The list of my people unjustly slain is endless…

#justiceformikebrown #blacklivesmatter



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