My Universe (Another Day)

Flowers abstain from bloom,
with you in their presence
For fear your countenance,
shall eclipse all their natural beauty
When you are here,
the stars flicker with trepidation
They have witnessed your soul,
sparkle brighter than galaxies

Hands on the clock,
waste not their efforts to tick
Knowing you are timeless
The epitome of all that is infinite
By the explorers,
the far corners of the world shall remain unvisited
For to discover a treasure as you,
would be an exercise in futility

The sun rises reluctantly, with envy
It cannot fathom,
that you burn more vehemently
The trees look on with dismay
They fail to understand,
how your roots be deeper than they

So when I stare at you,
I see the whole of the universe
Forever with you I wish to stay
This may prove improbable
So in my prayers at night,
I instead beg God,
for just another day



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