Cupid’s Bow (M•A•C)

Lies sat perfectly on cupid’s bow of her lips
As did her Mac,
colour Creme D’ Nude
Sweet nothings rolled coquettishly off her tongue of silver
Accomplished archer,
striking with arrows of embellished truths
Words danced off her liquered breath
Stroking ego
Sweet elocution charming agreeable ears
Drunk from her elixir, anaesthetised
Painless at the point, that she had pierced
With a parting kiss, it was swiftly over
Her fabric of lies, had left it’s imprint
After her abscond the law soon arrived with their questions
Shirt collar and skin, exhibit the evidence
Thwarted in a search for more clues
Just her calling card of lipstick,
this time Ruby Woo
Revelation that I too had been fooled
Duped by a skilled larcenist
Theft of a most precious jewel



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