Identity (Baobab Tree)

Do not allow yourself to be asphyxiated by lies
Breath freely for your health
Worry not for unscrupulous traduce
Unfounfed words and opinions of others, have no bearing on your wealth
Invest instead in the currency of the soul
Find value in the process of all time spent
Embrace the ebb and flow of life’s tide
To even the difficult lessons we must attend
Do not be slave to bondage of withering condemnation from others
For in the end it is of to you no consequence
Resist temptations to seek savage vengeance
Do not enter into others recompense of karmic debt
Do not concern yourself with their ignominy
It will always say more of them, than it ever will of you
For those who matter most,
shall always see your coruscating truth
So let them posture
Dare not fathom for even a moment that you are less
Your authenticity has longevity
They are yet to muster that which is your strength
So do not fall to truncated conjecture
Stay on the path to inner peace
Keep grounded,
as the strong roots of the baobab trees
Growing heavenward
A show of your true identity



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