Elixir (Altruism)

Refusal to allow woe to betide them
Displays of bravery, to travel the road yonder,
beyond the safety of sight
Blind faith,
that here they shall find their bastion of truth,
Free from the noise of conspirators ignominious traduce

They would find protection in the realm
of their lover’s orb
Herein exists celebratory sounds of flute glasses,
as they touch in orchestral tones
A coming together, once again interlaced,
Intoxicated by the elixir of one another
Drunken reminders of the sweetest taste

Bathed completely in one another,
The apotheosis of devotion
Lovers imbued with ecstasy
Personifications of a union divine,
Reminded to look heavenward for identity
A rediscovery of loves true nature
They would immolate ego and pride,
in exchange for happiness
Altruistic in nature
A love mortal in the physical,
but endless in the magnificent spirit



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