Ornaments (Redecorated Souls)

Incomprehensible affliction,
The ache from predecessors surreptitious contusions of his heart
The sufferance from the pain of pseudo ties,
Those he thought were sure to last
Though intelligent, confusion would force him to profess, that this he simply could not grasp
How one can give all they had,
yet still fall so far short of the mark

He would proceed to take an oath of blood, proclaiming again by cupid to never be caught
Protecting his invaluable property, Clasping to a binding deed that could never be bought
He would now play the role of obstructive lanlord,
Making the price of a stay seem insurmountable
Taking all the precautionary measures possible,
put in place to make the space once reserved for a previous occupant inaccessible

Then he met her
A soul insistent on renting his vacated space with an option to buy
Questioning her
Wondering if she could see the glaze in his eyes, or heard the lament of a grown man cry
I have already peeked through your alluring windows
With plans to redecorate the ornaments of your soul was her reply
Taking him part furnished
Beginning by gently removing all the old pictures, broken frames and the lies



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