Chess (Game Of Thrones)

Declining her frequent advances,
She had made it her mission to punish him for his petulance,
Evading her myriad of temptations in indecent proposals,
Staunch, in his refusal to scratch her intimate itch

So would commence a purposed battle for power,
Chessboard tactics of a queen in a cerebral game of thrones
Though a master piece of war,
Her adversary not a pawn,
His majestic poise, would not be easily thrown

She would continue in her pursuit with feline nature,
Marking that she deemed her territory with her redolent scent
As he began to stiffen
Provoking him out of his languid demeanour
Facing a fight to rebel against his carnal insticts

Quickening her barrage of calculated attacks,
In retaliation he would finally draw his sword
Ending all his sublimation,
Leaping onto his weapon without hesitation, in suicidal fashion
In parting, ultimate pleasure would be her reward



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