#MAD (Social Network)

She has three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Facebook friends
She cannot comprehend why it is she still feels lonely inside
Scanning through her likes and comments
She questions the meaning of life
Why her happy isn’t congruent to her apparent popularity
Seeking answers, pondering this disparity
She’s still sad
Although her pic has a few hundred likes showing her drunken night out from last saturday Hashtag #mad
And those that know, know
she doesn’t really drink
Yet to her friends she’s a good time girl, appearing just short of an alcoholic
Self destructive catalogue of photos
But they like her pics anyway
Life is short remember hashtag #YOLO
Yet her soul feels empty instead of wealthy
She yearns for connections deeper and wider than WIFI or 4G on EE
Addicted to the popularity game
They walk by her wherever, yet those same friends have just validated her last selfie
Phone always to hand
No longer can she hold a conversation as I her friend attempt to share with her who I am
Facebook didn’t work
Maybe she can fill the void and her insecurities on Twitter, Tinder or Instagram



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