SCARS (Aborted Love)

Reverberations of failure
broken hearts and wounded souls
Lovers indelible paraphernalia
A love aborted in an embryonic stage
To live forever in regret
Futile attempts to write off a karmic debt unpaid

Incessant thoughts of what could have been
Without peace
Still I am haunted by your deafening screams
The physical attempts to find you amid my dreams

Is the ease of pain truly correspondent to time
Striving fiercely to repair a disconcerted mind
Dissatisfied with disguise
Hoping the odds we defy to thrive
Praying for a swift shift from a painful paradigm

Pinnacles of calamity we now call life
Now a vehement crusade to keep my sanity
Unanswered knocks on the doors of this fractured heart
Protecting what is left of the pieces with heavy armoury

Of our decisions we continue to face the gravity
Branding on what is left of good parts of our hearts
Signs of unauthorised entry
Now forever shall instead remain this cavity
Abandoned with the trauma of surrounding scars



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