FLOWERS (Wild Garden)

The nuthatch birds marveled at our wondrous song
Feeding each other rich entrées of truth,
we began to bud
Expressed in diction flowery
Efflorescence of passion in hearts
Prelusive to an exhibition of wonder
Parading motley petals of love

Intoxicating tastes of one another’s nectar
As the sun gently cuittles us to further flourish
The vastitude of our affections incalculable
Realisations that our souls before these priceless moments had been famished

The coterie of us simpy scintillating
Just as the skies stars
Everything caressed turns to gold with a midas touch
At home with one another
Without considerations of waderlust
Artists recolouring murals of faded desires with our soft sable brush

Taken with happiness
Musing admirations of butterflies and honey bees,
as they flit beside, pollinating our sweet love
In the midst of a wild garden
We grow faithful and free
Enjoying the saccharine fruits from our seeds
Sown deep in the fertile soil of our dreams



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